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Born in La Mirada, CA, Cassandra and her twin sister were raised by their mother and moved to San Diego in their teens. Cassandra graduated from San Diego State University with a B.A. in Liberal Arts and Science, focusing on Journalism and Media Studies, Sociology, & Political Science.


Her upcoming starring role will be the feature length horror film UNDEAD EXPRESS and the MMA film FIGHT ON. FIGHT ON will be a spin-off from the popular MMA web series, Between Bullets, where she will reprise her role as Karina "THE CHEETAH" Vasquez. Both films are currently in development. 


She has an affinity for playing strong female characters, including an FBI agent, police officer, and fighter. She also excels at performing as a best friend and high school/college student. She has worked with veteran actors such as James Kyson (Heroes), Noel Gugliemi (Furious 7, Beyond Skyline), David Fernandez Jr. (Lowriders), and Kaleti Williams (Ballers).


Cassandra has martial arts training and unique skills in boxing, rock climbing, swimming, surfing, boat rowing, basketball, snowboarding, bodyboarding, skateboarding, football, and baseball.


In addition to acting, Cassandra stretches her talents behind the camera as a producer and writer at Gemini pictures alongside her twin sister.


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